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March 20, 2012



What a most beautiful colour, so bright and charming. Love the big buttons, too, they give this sweater an extra bonus. It´s such a pretty sweater and now I hope that the weather isn´t too sunny in your country already, so that you could wear it very often. (Would look great with a small pencil vintage skirt, too, I think)
Oh, wish no one but me will ever have a look at my knitting basket, there are now 3 finished knitted items waiting to be sewn together. Two already pressed and pinned, but then forgotten. Sometimes I believe that I love the knitting and crochet more than the endresult, the finishing part is always waiting to be done for months. No urgent need or wish to complete things.
You´ve did a woderful job, time doesn´t matter if the result is so very pretty.
With my best wishes,


Doesn't matter how long you took, what matters is that you finished it. Lovely colour and fit!
I have the same problem with raglan knits, I don't know how it will fit until the end :)


Looks very nice and like the colour. I have used this lovely wool for a couple of Kim Harding slouchy hats and it keeps well and is soooo warm.

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