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December 01, 2011



yes, Francoise, I would love it if you would show us glimpses of your beautiful island now and then. I have always been curious about the pretty beach huts that I see often in photos. They look kind of small to me and I have always wondered what they are for.


Oh, I would love it too ... please do continue!There can never be enough pictures of the sea or beaches or islands for me.


Good morning from Carlsbad, California!! There are many stretchs of beach area here in CA that look remarkably like your coastline in your part of the world. We have our share of wide sandy beaches, but we also have many rugged areas. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to viewing the rest of your blog.


What a beautiful island, it must be wonderful to walk along the shore and smell the sea and feel this very special crisp air on you cheeks. I have enlarged the pictures and saw that on your first picture are people walking their dog and I thought what happy dog owners they are to walk a dog at a beach each day, to play with him there and then come back home for a huge breakfast and really refreshed to start a new day. Most lucky you!

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