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October 31, 2011



When I was a student in London, many years ago, I was too poor to have afternoon tea :( But I had scones with jam and clotted cream once when I visited my friend in Cambridge :)
I love the idea of afternoon tea too. The other day, I was browsing my old copy of Tricia Foley's Having Tea and wishing for time to bake a little something for tea one of these days. Hope you get your chance soon!


When we visited England we enjoyed this tea rooms nearly every day. Not as exclusiv and elegant as at Fortnum&Masons, just very pretty and lovely little tea rooms in also pretty and lovely little villages. And we always wished that our Cafes here would serve a cup of coffe and a slice of cake with so many style, with a crackling open fire at our side on rainy days, table cloths and vintage china. Every day we choose another cake I got to know via blogland, cakes we don´t have here and the scones were our favorits. What we never tested were the sandwiches with cucumber, although they are mentioned in nearly every single english novel I read. But one day for sure I will.
It is a lovely plan to make your own tea party, to celebrate a saturday or sunday afternoon, a wonderful adding to every weekend. And with this book at your side it will surely soon be a new habit for your family, to ask for a tea party every week.

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