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August 07, 2011



It is such a pretty cardigan, I love the pattern. Maybe you will get used to the weight?? I like some shaping in my cardigans and vests. It is disappointing when everything is rather unstructured.


It's so pretty and looks good on you. I love cream coloured knits :) I have a cotton cardigan knit in dk yarn and it's on the heavy side too.
Kim Hargreaves' new book features mostly thick knits that are too bulkly for me to knit in my weather.
Will be fun to see your next project.


Christina is so very pretty, love the patterned stripes, love your buttons and you look beautiful in it. I am with you about the cotton yarn, just this summer with all the rain I don´t like very much to wear this heavy cotton cardis. But it would be too sad if this would happen to your lovely new cardigan, too.
I am also with you about the new KH book, but as you´ve said, luckily we have a lot of older KH books to fill and fuel our knitting demands.
With my best wishes,


ô qu'il est beau ô qu'il est beau ôkilèbôôôôôôô !!!! ;-)
Je me tâte encore... il est difficile??


This is lovely, Francoise! IMO, the stitch pattern is what makes it so great. You can't buy something like that in the stores.

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