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April 14, 2011



Ah the joys of separate hemispheres, here the football is starting, but I shall be avoiding it like the plague. Even if I had a blanket I wouldn't go!!


I can remember, that it was while the football games last summer that I made my ripple blanket, or better said the biggest part of it. We don´t usually watch football, only for EMs and WMs, and I am so very glad for having knitting or crochet at my side then, otherwise there would be a lot of very boring evenings for me. You are quite happy for having the Cricket games each summer! A busy needle, a not so much interesting TV program so your mind could wander here and there, the sun shining brightly, ice cream and berries and refreshing drinks, what a wonderful time to look forward to.


Hooray for cricket!
Oooh I'm going to check out KH's site to see this new book.

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