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January 20, 2011



Happy New Year Francoise!
Never mind about knitting out of season, you'll be wearing your Carrie cardigan in season :)
I love the designs in the Misty book!


This is the way I should knit, too, because I am such a terribly slow knitter. And I definitely love the view of wearing the finally finished garment right then and not to have to store it for the next year. With spring ahead I would so much love to knit a spring cardigan now, but unfortunately I first have to make a cardigan for my husband and this surely will take me until summer. So, then the next item would be a cozy autumn cardigan, started in July. Very out of season but also very cleverly planned.
Am looking forward the first pictures of your Carrie, such a lovely design and on my list, too,
with best wishes,

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