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June 22, 2010



One stripe during such a fantastic sounding evening is a lot in my opinion - and your blanket looks indeed very wide and big. I am only managing one stripe per evening, too, and my blanket has in no way so many stitches, nor am I am distracted by lovely conversation. How I envy you for this great evenings and how I admire your rappidly growing colourful blanket.
PS: I also love so much my crochet at the moment, more than I ever thought a crafting piece will do, that when we drove to Munich last sunday I was very tempted to take it with me for the 1 hour drive. This would have been the first time I did so, but I resisted and therefore during the whole drive I thought of it. Crochet is really overwhelming, especially when working with so many beautiful colours.


Quelles jolies couleurs ! Oui, c'est un peu volumineux à trimbaler, mais elle sera bientôt finie ?


Hello Francoise,

So you are crocheting too? I am really enjoying this and am loving the granny stripe blanket which I am making for my daughter, Sophie. Your blanket is looking gorgeous. It has been sooooo hot here on the East coast - too hot for crochet but nice to have a real summer at last.

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