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March 25, 2010



Yay - the buttons go perfectly and the textured pattern is great. Doesn't matter how long it takes!

Love all your images - that neckline in the last post is very interesting too - kind of cool, huh?


love the colour of your martha, haha I probably said that the last time you showed it :)
You're almost there, it will be in time for spring! I hope the weather is beginning to get nice and sunny, it's been a long winter hasn't it?


When I discovered Rowan, 6 years ago or so, I also planned to knit one garment per month and made lists of all the beautiful designs I urgently wanted to wear. Then after several months I noticed that in no way I would manage to knit this fast and now I am more wise and am happy when I finish one garment (or maybe even two) per season. It really don´t matter how long it takes to finally be able to wear it, the most important thing is the fun while knitting it. A hard lesson for such an impatient person like me to learn, too many beautyful designs, too much fantastic yarns and too much temptations via knit and crochet blogs, but comes time surely comes also some wisdom to me, too. And your buttons are lovely!

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