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March 08, 2010



The neckline of the second sweater is extremely lovely, very feminin and special. I also love the first sweater, looks so very neat, clean and chic with that certain touch for making it special and reminds me a lot of my old children books when there were still drawings in them, so this would be the picture of the wonderful mother, who at this time was always well-dressed even at doing her house routine. Very lovely. The young woman on the third picture is surely the aunt, who works in the city, has her own little car, is independent, loves to spend her holidays with the family of her sister in the country and is the best adult friend of the children. So you see, your book is very tempting, not only because of beautiful knitting designs, but also for imaginations.
Have a great time with leafing through them,
with my very best wishes,


Intéressant ! J'aime bien l'encolure du second et le point du troisième.


I love vintage knits too. There's something ladylike and special about the fit of vintage sweaters. They seem classic to me and will never go out of style :)

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