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October 05, 2008



My friend has that book and she is knitting one of those!! I can't talk and knit complicated things either!!!


I have exactly the same problem with a blanket that I am working on for a friend - there are only some of the squares I can knit in the company of others :) The squares are really gorgeous though, a lot more complex that the usual squares you see in blankets.


Tes 3 premiers carrés sont superbes, j'ai un faible pour le 3e... C'est un très beau projet que j'ai dans un coin de ma tête aussi mais pour l'instant je n'ai pas le courage !!


It's a lovely looking blanket, I remember when these squares were first published (in Knitters, I think). You'll be all cabled out when you finish it! What's the yarn?


Cela promet d'être une superbe couverture ! J'ai bien hâte de voir la suite et Fontaine aussi !


Such a beautiful blanket. I love your choice and am very tempted to do one.


A really good no-brainer blankie is the Moderne Log Cabin by Mason Dixon Knitting. Certainly not as fancy as the GAAA, but you can't beat miles of garterstitch while chatting or watching movies!


The squares are gorgeous. And I love it in that creamy yran you've chosen.


Très très jolis tous ces points. Je suis comme toi : parler et suivre une grille m'est iumpossible, sauf si c'est du jacquard ! Les points texturés, je ne pourrais pas.


Wow, your first patches really look stunning. I have made only the very easy 6-stitch-cables in the past and always admired those complicated patterns. Yours are looking so very good and thinking of knitting just a small patch might really tempt me to think (and I really mean to think first and then to start) about making such a blanket, too. (And I wonder how you could manage to concentrate on Fontaine AND a blanket!)
Have a lovely sunday!


This is unrelated to this post. I have a question about your Whisper Fingerless Gloves pattern. What does "continue in st st" mean? I am a new knitter. Thanks!

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