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September 23, 2008



What bad luck and it looks so lovely too. I had the same, but opposite, problem: I knitted something that was too boxy. I need lots of shaping in my jumpers and cardis. Good luck, whatever you decide!!


What a shame, it looks gorgeous! If you're certain that you're not going to wear it (and don't have anyone you can give it to) then maybe you should frog it and either re-knit it with no shaping or use if for another project. I can't believe that it doesn't look good on though!


C'est pourtant si joli ! Mais peut-être qu'elle paraîtra moins cintrée en ne l'attachant pas ?


Quel dommage qu'elle ne t'aille pas, elle est superbe !


I cannot believe that this wonderful garment doesn't look good on you. Maybe it's not your usual look but why not try something different? By the way: waist shaping is so female! And: Are your children an objective jury?
Give it a try, it's so gorgeous!


Oh no, after all that work ... how disappointing. It looks so gorgeous there on the hanger!


It does look lovely. What a shame that you don't think it suits you. Perhaps another opinion?


Elle est superbe cette veste, je ne connaissais pas. j'aime beaucoup le col et sa bordure qu'on retrouve en bas, avec un jeté apparemment à 2 ou 3 m du bord. Tu s vraiment sûre qu'elle ne te va pas ?


In what way does it not suit / fit you? I'd have thought (clearly wrongly) that waist shaping was generally good on everyone.


What a shame, it's absolutely gorgeous! Have you decidd what t odo with it yet?


It looks very nice, compliment! AND, I think, i must have this Book. Saw so much out of it, so loveley projects!

And about the waist? You´ve said, it was a quick project, so come on and find it out ;-)


It´s me again. Maby there is a daughter or a friend who get lucky with it. To unpick parts ist easy, but a complete finished thing is totaly different. All the seams...
Find someone and try a new one for you. To get new yarn will be no problem for you *laugh*

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