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August 11, 2008



I didn't make a FLS because I knew it wouldn't suit me, but I think it does look very good on other people. Wow, there are some great patterns in Thrown Together: I would actually make some of them!!!
Have a great holiday in Devon and I hope it is not too hot to knit!!!


C'est énorme ce tricot ! Je n'ai jamais tricoté aussi gros. Oui, ça ira plus vite, car les rangs montent vite, mais on est aussi ralenti par la tenue des aiguilles qui "encombrent". Jolie veste en tout cas. Pour le FBS version adulte, je ne suis pas emballée du tout.


Does this mean we get to see a finished garment? It will knit up very fast! I've got my eye on a few from this collection, but I'll get the sock knitting and square knitting out of the way first! I've still to knit from her last winter book!


C'est un joli projet ! J'aime ce modèle mais le reste du livre "Thrown Together " me déçoit un peu , je deviens difficile !
Bonnes vacances et bon tricot !


Temptation sure looks cool and chic. oh, it's sad to hear about the FLS, maybe keep it for awhile and then take another look at it later?


Uh, that steeve-problem sounds familiar. But I´m sure, you will solve this problem.

rosy wiches, Kerstin

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