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July 18, 2008



Wow, Rowan 44 is out? I haven't even gotten round to seeing Rowan 33!! I'm so behind :)


oops, I meant to type 43 not 33!


I'd love to tell you but I'm still waiting for Rowan to post my my magazine! And they wonder why membership numbers are falling...


Love the Fontaine too, it looks beautiful. I might have to buy this one when it comes out here.


Moi, c'est le tricot avec des fleurs en jacquard que je préfère. Mais ceux que tu nous motnres sont superbes aussi. Rowan édite de très jolies choses en général, et la mise en scène est toujours somptueuse.


Thanks Francoise - my Rowan 44 arrived from your shop today and I only ordered it on Saturday. How's that for service everyone? I'm sure my sister will adore the little linen bag. Fantastic.

le chat qui coud

c'est le dernier? Mmm il a l'air superbe!!!!

Ellen Fletcher

Where can I get the Rowen book 44 from as I love the Lamour pattern by Sarah Hatton

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