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July 06, 2008



Chicago is beautiful! I think fresh, summery colours might go well. Have you seen the bolero in the last Rowan magazine, in 4ply cotton? That has very summery colours, and I think they'd look good on this background.

I am resisting all garments while I concentrate on socks but this looks great. there are several good top down patterns out there - once you've done this one you might be encouraged to have a look around ravelry.


Oh Francoise, now that I am seeing your Chicago I really wish I wouldn´t had omitted the ribbing and the ruffles. Definitely stupid to have done this. Yours is looking so very charming 'plain' as it is right now. But I could imagine it also very well with the flowers in green, but maybe that´s only because I love cardigans with interesting structure in the same colour, so that the embroidery/embellishment is only visible at close or second sight. I am nosy which colours you are finally choosing.
Love your new top-down-cardi!


Chicago is so beautiful!!I love it.The color is very summery.

Ingrid Hellmer

Hallo Francoise,
this Chicago is wonderful.
Please tell me- is this an Rowan Pattern? I would like to knit it too!
Greetings from Gernmany (Black Forest)


Quel beau travail ! J'aime beaucoup ce cardigan, et la couleur est toute douce, comme il faut pour cet ouvrage raffiné. Je ne connais pas le moèdle initial, masi personnellement, je n'aime pas trop les fleurs rebrodées à la façon tyrolienne, je veux dire de toutes les couleurs. Si tu broodes tout en une seule tonalité, verte comme le cardigan, cela fera très classique, et tu es sûre de pouvoir porter ton pull avec tous tes vêtements. Par contre, décider pour une seule couleur pour les fleurs et un vert pour les feuilles peut apporte run peu plus de fantaisie. et un fil "variegated", mais dans les vert/jaune ou vert/bleu selon la tonalité de ton pull ?


Gorgeous green, the color of new life in nature is always a fave in my house. It looks beautiful and the FLS looks great too.

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