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June 10, 2008



What lovely slippers! I've only made felted clogs and moccasins so far, but these look great (and are probably a bit quicker).


Aw man, those are cute! Love the butterfly trim.


Ils sont vraiment très jolis ces chaussons feutrés, j'adore le papillon !


The slippers are so cute and I do like the butterfly embellishment too!! Very Spring-y.


Those ballet slippers look beautiful. The books sound interesting too, must check them out.


So cute and beautiful!
Love it!


RAvissants ! Comme Christine, j'adore le petit papillon. Je crains que ta fille ne te demande différentes paires pour assortir à ses tenues...


The slippers are so beautiful!!I like the butterfly.
The books sound very interesting.


Lovely slippers, I completely understand your love of making them. What really amaze me is their perfect shape, I never thought that felted items could have such an even and beautiful result. And the butterfly is so cute, makes them very special.
I have never heard of Patricia Wentworth, but I always love reading a novel where one of the actors is knitting or crafting, sounds so very familiar and makes the persons even more friendly to me. I have to have a look whether I could get one of her books in German, too, thanks for the hint!


I got a Miss Silver Mystery in my bookmark swap and thoroughly enjoyed her. Fancy doing a swap?


Lovely slippers - how did you get such a beautifully even surface? I felted some Cascade 220 slippers a while ago in the washing machine and just couldn't get rid of the ensuing wrinkles in the felted fabric (even though it felted beautifully).

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