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January 26, 2008



It's always a great moment when you master the pattern and you can increase and decrease without fear!!


Superbes ces petites mitaines avec leur bordure en dentelle ! Pour le pdf, je crois qu'il existe un logiciel gratuit (Niqui en avait parlé), mais je ne m'y suis pas intéressée car j'ai le logiciel Acrobat et tous les logiciels de PAO, qui me permettent de faire ces fameux fichiers pdf. Bon dimanche !


Can't wait for the photos. I try to take mine all on one day over the weekend, if there's sun.


Thank you so very much for this patterns, I immediately safed them. I have bought a dotted scarf last autumn and I think your Whisper gloves would be a lovely addition. (And I so much admire your talent to make a pdf instruction, this is a thing I always wanted to learn but never did.)
Can´t wait to see a new picture of Charlotte,

Ingrid Hellmer

thank you for the nice patters. I am about to knit the fingerless gloves for myself !
I love your charming blog.
Many thanks amd greetings from
Ingrid Hellmer
Freiburg i.Brsg.-Black Forest


Ooh I will have to try out your fingerless glove pattern too. Good luck with knitting faster too, once you memorise the pattern it does make it a lot easier.


I LOVE your illustrations. Found your blog before a catastrophic computer crash and LOST you!!! I've been searching for four days trying to visit again. Thank you I love your blog (and now I won't get repetitive strain from all the surfing! :0)

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