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December 06, 2007



These gloves are so lovely ! I find them very delicate and feminine .
A bientôt !


Very pretty gloves.


Une semaine de privation de PC pour cause de virus, me revoilà. Et je vois d'un seul coup deux très jolis modèles, très féminins chez toi. Magnifiques ! J'aime beaucoup Martha et comprends que tu aies mis le temps, mais les petites mitaines.... ravissantes ! Bravos sincères.


They're very pretty gloves! This is the month to knit small accessories, so if your yarn doesn't turn up get out the oddbals!


Those gloves are gorgeous - I love the detailing!


The gloves are so pretty, I'm sure Suzi loves them! Hope your yarn gets here soon. Choosing the colour you want is worth the wait!


This gloves are so beautiful. I like the lovely details


Elles sont très jolies, féminines et élégantes, tes mitaines, j'aime beaucoup !

sonja poor

These are exceptionally lovely and soft looking. I especially like the thumb increases. Nice.


These gloves are definitely the most beautiful ones I ever had, and the top of all is that you´ve made them especially for me. I am so much in love with them and am feeling very thankful and honoured for having found such a dear friend via the knitting blogs.


So how do we need to go about bribing you to get you to share the pattern with those of us who are utterly incapable of working out a pattern for ourselves? Pretty please? Yarn bribery? Cakes?

le chat qui coud

waouw!!!!!!!!!!!!! superbe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The gloves are so beautiful. What a wonderful creation, and I agree that they are very feminine too.


Please, please share this pattern....just love these gloves..especially the details!

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