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October 14, 2007



Bonjour Françoise,
Effectivement les 4 modèle que tu as sélectionnés sont très beaux. J'ai un petit faible pour le rouge (Heather) et le gris porté avec une ceinture (Maggie Tweed). Heather est peut-être plus facile à porter en toute circonstance.
Bonne semaine


Oh I think I like Charlotte and then Maggie Tweed. Isn't it always the way? There will be absolutely nothing you like, or 4 things!! Any of them would be great though.


I like Charlotte and Lissette because they are finer gauge but Maggi Tweed is so pretty too. I have the same problem narrowing down what to knit.


Oh the red one would have to be my favourite and the top one too. She always designs such classic patterns doesnt she.


I like them all, but if I had to order them it would be Heather, Charlotte, Lisette, Maggie Tweed. You like finer gauge don't you? Then it would have to be Charlotte and Lisette.

(I happen to love felted tweed, which is why I like Heather)


Charlotte, without a doubt!


Comme Zoe, Charlotte !


Maggie Tweed, for the shaping at the waist. Always looks so chic.


Moi aussi j'adore ces modèles . Mon préféré c'est Lisette , et si tu le fais , ça va sûrement me donner des envies !
J'ai hâte de voir Martha terminé .


Je vote pour Maggie Tweed ou lisette ou... Ils sont tous beaux ces modèles !


Heather. Heather!! Heather!!!! Definately. The others are lovely. Heather is yum. Mind you, they are all lovely and I find myself having to go to Ravelry to update my wish list. x


Can I add: Or Maggie Tweed but I'd make her longer. Kim is always a little on the short side for me.

sophie StMarc

j'aimerais bien te voir choisir Lisette, celà me réconciliera peut-être avec le modèle, et j'en tricoterai un autre à mon gout cette fois :-)


Lisette, Lisette, Lisette! You know that I am loving Lisette for a long time and it would be fantastic if you are knitting her first. It is such a gorgeous design, you can wear it with jeans and with skirts, my only problem is to choose the right colour. Although I like soft colours a lot I don´t think that they will suit her well. Black or Victoria or Rain Cloud perhaps? My second choise would be Heather, absolutely great for autumn days, especially matched with the beret. But I think now the Tweed would be too hot for wearing it inside and not warm enough for a walk in the chilly November days. But knitting hasn´t to be logical!


They are all lovely, I can understand why you need help in making a decision. The last one with the belt... my favourite, only because lace work frightens me.

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