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October 02, 2007



I'm not a lover of thicker wool either, I have tried it a few times, but I like 4ply-8ply best!! Glad you have Martha to fall back on!!!


Don't let this discourage you... Martha is a really nice pattern and I'm sure your version will be as beautiful as all your other FOs :-) I can't really wear thick yarn either, being in the tropics and all. But there's a lot of skinnier yarn that are equally great!


Il y a des moments comme ça, où rien ne semble aller ! C'est vrai que tricoter quelque chose en réalisant au fur et à mesure que ça n'ira pas n'est pas encourageant du tout et déprimant. Allons, dis-toi que "après la pluie le beau temps", et que le mois prochain sera sûrement meilleur que celui qui vient de passer.


So sad to hear that you stopped Eloise. For me it´s always so very frustrating to start with enthusiasm and joy and in the middle of the work notice that there is something wrong with it and I don´t like it anymore. On the other side I admire your faith in your own taste and your will to stop when it´s enough or going wrong. And I so much hoped to see you wearing Eloise, because I also have some Noro yarn, I´ve bought it for it´s beautiful colours but am not sure whether I ever would like to wear this kind of striped clothes - and I am always relying on your beautiful style.
I hope you will enjoy Martha now very very much, to come back to old, relyable friends is sometimes the very best.


I love the Eloise pattern but sometimes something just isn't meant to be, far better to stop now than continue and hate the finished knit.

le chat qui coud

un p'tit coup de knitting blues? ça m'arrive souvent lol

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