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September 05, 2007



It is a relief sometimes, isn't it, to knit a thicker ply wool on bigger needles: I knitted 21cm last night that way!! Here I have the same feeling about September, but it's a Springtime feeling!! School holidays start and the weather is suny and we're looking forward to longer days!!!


I don't post so much these days too, because I'm having less time to knit due to bringing work home. I find that posting less frequently does ease the pressure.
This noro design looks so pretty, I'm wondering what colour you chose. Give us a sneak peek of the knitting next time, if you haven't already finished it.


Très beau ce Blossom, tu vas te régaler. Moi, je suis aussi en plein dans la Noro, un pur bonheur au niveau ds coloris. Du recul vis-à-vis de ton blog ? Ca fait du bien, crois-moi ! Mais j'y retourne maintenant...


That's a lovely cardigan, you'll be finished in no time at all. It sounds as if you'll have a busy few months. De-cluttering is always good, that's something I must do in the next few months too.


Your decision to post less frequently is a bad one for your readers but such a very good one for oneself. While having a break I like so much to play around with the knitting, trying new things and rip then again without worrying taking a picture first and write about it. Sometimes one simply loves and needs to play just on ones own. I will awfully miss your weekly posts, but I completely understand, too.
Eloise looks so very nice, and for looking now for about 3 years what I can do with my Noro yarn, I am so much looking forward to see you wearing your finished cardi -- your taste is always so very exactly what I want to make, too, so I am counting on you to inspire me one more time.


C'est en effet un très joli modèle qui me tentait beaucoup aussi!


Lots of the bloggers that i read seem to be taking a break for a while, which is a shame for us but good for them. Hope that you don't disappear for good, but keep posting even if infrequently. Eloise will be lovely when finished - I have long admired that cardi. I am just finishing off myself Tythe from another Noro book, with some bargain noro silver thaw I picked up while home last month. It too is a quick knit. Anyway - enjoy your break.... but do keep in touch.

le chat qui coud

très joli le modèle!! c'est doux de la noro?

je n'accroche pas trop avec le livre "knitting under influence" mais j'en ai commandé un autre : knitting until death ... un truc à suspense lol

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