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August 01, 2007



Glad you're finally getting some sun and enjoying the beach. And I just have to say again, that's a gorgeous Martha!


Wow - Martha is looking totally gorgeous. Hope you had fun at the beach - and glad to hear you're getting some sun at long last!


It's looking fabulous. This reminds me, I have a UFO Martha somewhere!


I hope there's no sand in Martha!! Are those all tiny little beads?? She's looking lovely!! Happy Holidays!!


The cover of this book looks so very nice, looks like it would be one on my old darlings, too. Enjoy the sun as long as it lasts, here it is mostly not warm enough to go for swimming, always a cold wind is blowing also. And as I said once before, your Martha looks so good, I am really in love with your colour combination. Like chocolate with berries, and blue berries are my all time favorits.
Have a warm and sunny weekend with all the time for your knitting, Suzi


Martha's back looks very fine. Gorgeous colour with those pretty beads.


Martha looks so beautiful. I like the pretty beads.
Green tomates is one of my favourite book, and I have watch the film.

le chat qui coud

c'est des perles? waow!
j'ai commandé le livre "knitting under influence" tu l'as déjà lu?


Martha est très belle, même si elle ne cort pas aussi vite que tu le voudrais. Mais après tout, tu as raison, s'il y a (enfin) du soleil, profitons-en ! Ici, pareil, on a enfin du soleil et du chaud depuis hier. Mais ils annoncent encore de la pluie d'ici demain soir. Dépriant !


I've just started her latest book, I love the way she writes - not sure if I could cope with knitting at the same time though!

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