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August 09, 2007



Have a wonderful holiday!! I am sad to say that when I play Word Association Football with 'Dartmoor', all I can come up with is a prison. I shall have to explore the link you posted more fully, as I'm sure you're not all of on THAT kind of a holiday!!!


Have a great time, and see you in a few weeks.


Wish you a wonderful holiday!!


Have wonderful holidays, especially when spending your time in the Dartmoors. We´ve enjoyed this area so much last summer and although the weather was fine most of the time, I think a dark and gloomy day in the moor will be also very welcome, makes it so much enchanted and mysterious. Have a safe trip and a great time, looking forward to see your new yarn treasures,


Enjoy your holiday, Francoise, and I hope you'll bring back some lovely photos of the place. It's something I read about in English novels and it always sounds so romantic :)


Enjoy your holiday; Dartmoor is one of my favourite places in England - hope you have some good weather!


I hope that you have a wonderful time.....

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