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July 01, 2007



The weather over there has been very erratic, hasn't it? I'll be waiting patiently for the sun to come out and dry your blanket :)


Hope the weather dries and brightens up soon! Both for your sake and my selfish desire to see your blanket. :)
(Less than a month until the 21st, hurray!)


It's dreadful weather, isn't it? You'll have your work cut out reading all the HP books, especially the last one!


Hello Françoise, ici aussi ça "rain" sec. De vraies pluies tropicales, ce n'est pas triste du tout ! Espérons que tout ça s'arrête bientôt, cela devient lassant...


Send it our way - the weather - and the blanket if you like :)) - its hot, dry and dusty here right now. Seriously, hope it dries out soon so we can all take a look at your lovely blanket. It sounds gorgeous.

le chat qui coud

ah il me tarde de vopir le dernier film! je suis fan!

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