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July 09, 2007



Oh I am so glad the sun came out so that you could wash it and then share it with us. It is fabulous Francois, really, really fabulous and I am so glad that you son likes it. I know what you mean when you say it is hard to please teenagers - or soon to be ones. Have two myself so can easily relate. Anyway, well done. It is a lovely blanket.


Oh it looks wonderful!! Just perfect soon-to-be-a-teenager boy colours and the randomness has made a lovely pattern of colours!!!


It's beautiful :)


It's absolutely beautiful! I love the differently sized color squares and the colors...oh it's such a wonderful blanket!


Fantastic! I can't believe that you didn't plan the colour scheme beforehand!

Iris ine

Your Granny Square Blanket is really beautiful! I like the colours and teh idea to combine different sizes of squares. Great.


vraiment magnifique! j'espère arriver à un aussi joli résultat un de ces jours! je m'entraîne, je m'entraîne (merci pour tes encouragements) :)...


Very pretty. Although for a boy, you'd have to say: 'very cool'
I like the way the colored squares seem to float on the blue.


That is stunning. Do you ever make anything that isn't glorious?


Oh this is so nice and so different from the usual squares just joined up. I think you may start a new trend. I wish I could crochet.


What a perfect blanket for your son. It seems to fit his bed perfectly too. I assume now that you will need to enhance the stash a bit as it would have used up quite a bit of yarn crocheting all that. The colors look wonderful too, and maybe your daughter can choose her colors from your stash too, so you dont need to buy anymore for it.


Your blanket is so beautiful. I am glad that your son likes it.


It´s absolutely marvellous, I love your blanket very much. The grey was so well choosen to bring in some 'male' touch, and I completely understand that your son loves it, too. I especially like your single grey round at the border, brings it all together so well. I immediately safed the pictures for further references, a Granny Square blanket is what I also really want to own. And making small and bigger coloured squares is such a fantastic way to use up some stash yarn. Beautiful, Francoise !


Oulala!!!! absolument magnifique! je rêve d'une couverture au crochet, j'ai des dizaines de pelotes qui feraient l'affaire... mais je ne comprends RIEN aux explications! (alors que je sais faire les points de base)
En tout cas, la tienne est à tomber. Je comprends que ton fils soit ravi. BRAVO!!!


Comme elle est bien réussie ! J'aime beaucoup, et je trouve étonnant qu'en mettant les fils au hasard, tu arrives à une si jolie composition. Bravo ! Ce qui semble encore plus merveilleux, c'est que fiston apprécie aussi...


Elle est géniale ta Granny Françoise ! Quel boulot... Mais ça en vaut la peine !


Just back from holiday and catching up on my reading.
Your granny square blanket looks lovely- such a lot of work's gone into that.

little jenny wren

Wow, that looks great. I love the variety of sizes and the colours.


ta couverture est superbe! bravo!


so cute !!! i love it.... i did one also ...lovely colors !!!!


this is my blog to see my baby blanket !!!!!


I love the blanket, can you tell me how you made it because it looks so seamless and I would love to try it. I also like to crochet.

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