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June 05, 2007



But you have managed to make big progresses on all 3 designs. I am mostly staying with one knitting, it´s always so exhausting for me to get into the rhythm and instruction again when laying it aside for a while. But I also have to say that this is a bit boring sometimes. Much much better to have a choice between knitting beads or st st, or do some crochet. And 3 are a real good number.


Oh look at Fred and Ginger: Knitting Night and Day I think. I'm crocheting 6 big Granny squares to make a lap rug by, well, soon!! Happy Crocheting!! The squares look lovely.


What is it about children and school vacations? This house is a wreck, too!!!


Three is probably the ideal; enough to hop from one project to another, but not too many so that you don't make good progress on each. They're all looking great!


Multiple wips - the more the merrier :) Helps to distract me when I run into hiccups with one project, I go and pick up another. When all my wips have hiccups, I simply go and cast on for something else. But there are pitfalls with this method, loads of them!
By the way, I'm so impressed that you're sticking with your sqaures. I've given up, those yarn ends just kills me. I like how you have 2 types of sqaures, one with multicoloured rows and another type with a little square within a sqaure, that's so cool to give it your own personal touch.

Gina L.

Francois - I love all the photographs you find! The brown with the blue beads is gorgeous together.


C'st bien ce nouveau projet, en suivant ton humeur du moment. Ca repose de laisser courir son imagination je trouve. CA y est, j'ai dméénagé, plus qu'à déballer tous les cartons ! Et à revenir d'ici 10 jours sur mon blog, vous me manquez ! Bon dimanche.

little jenny wren

I think it's fun to work on several projects at once especially when you get close to the end. The beaded knitting looks beautiful.


I have a bag of cotton just waiting for me to go crochet crazy. That's not happened yet as there's too much knitting on the horizon but I feel it's close. Yours looks lovely and I know what you mean about all the books and sites with gorgeous granny squares everywhere. A.x

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