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May 02, 2007



Wishing you and your twins a Happy Birthday in advance - Have the best fun and the yummiest cake!

gina L

Happy Birthday Francoise. My husband is 50 today and he started grumbling about it from the moment he woke up. He'll get over it! I hope your day is filled with a lot of love from those around you! I like your UN-granny like throw!


Happy birthday - what a busy weekend you'll be having! I'm heading towards 50 and I don't feel old yet. I wish I had my mind in a younger body though!
If it's just the wool-cotton you don't like how about something similar, but joining the new squares in the new yarn on the outside, so it makes a large border?


Happy birthday, to you and the twins. Our minds definitely age slower than our bodies don't they? 18 doesn't seem that long ago to me!


Bon Anniversaire a toi et aux jumeaux. Ta couverture est superbe. Je suis d'accord avec toi je n'aime pas non plus la Pure New Wool, malgre ses tres jolis coloris.


Happy Birthday to the twins, and Happy #50 to you! I turned 50 last year, and it was a good year, so I hope yours will be the same.


Happiest of birthdays to you (and the twins too)! Have a wonderful celebration, whatever you do. i hope there's some good wine or champagne involved. I will be joining you in the 50's next March, and also feel that the teen years were not far away. My children, however, think that I'm from the age of dinosaurs!


Alors je viens de découvrir que je suis plus "vieille" que toi : 52. Mais j'ai encore plein d'émergie, alors je te fais confiance ! tu as des jumeaux ? Je ne savais pas !- Moi, non -


Happy Birthday!! It is always a surprise when I look in the mirror and I don't see the me I expect!!! 50 is the new 40 you know!!


Happy Birthday and all good things to you and yours. Your Blog is a delight, thank you. Stephanie


Happy birthday to you and the twins too.
Have a wonderful day.
I love your blog. It is so a delight.
Thank you


Bon anniversaire. Les carrés sont très lumineux, dommage que la pure newa wool ne soit pas à la hauteur de nos espérances.


A very happy birthday to you all Francoise - with much joy, laugher and of course yummy cake.


Have a great birthday, Francoise! Like many other commenters, I wish you happiness, cake, and knitting for the big 50.


happy birthday to you and the twins. i can't believe you are 50 because you look so fantastic!

i hope you have a wonderful day and have lots of yummy cake.


I am feeling the absolutely the same, so young at heart and always such a surprise when I look in the mirror.
The blanket is going to be beautiful, sometimes I think the older we get the more we love memories of our childhood. Everything 'granny' reminds me of happy, slowly days with lots of sunshine and happiness.
I won´t give you my wishes today, that´s a habit in Germany, so I will come back tomorrow. Till the, have a very good night into your BIG day!

little jenny wren

Happy Birthday to all. Fancy sharing your birthday with your children.I hope you all have a wonderful day. I love the look of your grannies.


Belated Birthday Greetings!
Your granny blanket is wonderful! So wonderful..


Happy 50th for yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day. I'm not far off your age and still feel young inside. Must learn to crochet, the blanket is very nice.


Somewhat late, but HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!! I'm sure you had a fabulous day. :-)

Also, I love the crochet blanket. Maybe I will teach myself to crochet one of these days... ever since I've started seeing these granny blankets I have been coveting one. ;-)


Happy belated birthday! Hope you and the twins all had a wonderful day! (I'm just starting to catch up on my blog reading now...yikes...)

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