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May 17, 2007



Very Springy!! It looks delightful. Your first embroidery stitches look fine!!


Oh my goodness, Francoise, this is the sweetest bag! How do you manage to whip out something like this in no time? I like that embroidery stitch too, I've been meaning to try it someday.

le chat qui coud

oh super!!!!! il est génial!


Beautiful! You are a marvel.


Alors j'en déduis que le sac est pour ton mari ? Il est ravissant (le sac, pas le mari, encore que je ne le connais pas...), j'adore la grosse fleur. Bon weekend!

little jenny wren

The bag looks lovely.


It's ideal for Spring (we're meant to be getting much hotter weather later this week), all lovely and pink, a great job!


Ravissant!!!! Une petite merveille de délicatesse... Je suis sûre que tout le monde l'admire, non?


Beautiful...The bag is so lovely.


Oh my God, this bag is so very beautiful, Francoise, I love it, love it, love it. Starts from the fabrics you´ve choosen, to the embroidery, the shape, the buttons, it´s a fabulous charming, very very girly bag, the most perfect one for spring and summer. It´s fantastic!


Absolument ravissant ce sac Françoise ! Un grand bravo.


That bag is just gorgeous - you are so talented. I also really like the felted slippers you made. I have had no success at all with any felting attempts I have made but those slippers make me think about giving it another go.


What a gorgeous bag. Perfect for spring and summer. :-)



Such a beautiful bag! I love the embroidery stitches you used to accent the borders of the different patches. And the brooch is so adorable. Definitely argues for making the odd impulse buys here and there. You never know when they'll come in handy. :)

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