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April 04, 2007



Quel courage pour les carrés... Je ne me sentirai pas capable !
Et Merci pour le livre, je ne connaissais pas.


Looks like you've jumped on the granny-bandwagon too :-) Very addicted, no?


And to you, my friend. . .


Get Knitted have some nearly half price 4ply soft on sale, limited colours but two are fairly neutral (not the bright pink though!)
Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to you too - glad to see your son requesting brights for his bed covering. It will look fab with all those colours shimmering together.

little jenny wren

Snap! We have both used the same Easter picture. I hope you and your family have a peaceful and happy Easter.


Happy Easter to you and your family


Hope you had a Happy Easter holiday, the granny sqaures are very tempting :)


Beautiful granny squares! I'm tempted to join the granny square fun, but I think I'm going to make a striped crochet blanket instead.


I love the granny squares!!!! Are they difficult to learn to do? I just bought a book to try and learn how to crochet but I can't seem to catch on.


I love those books. How they can be written by a white man from Scotland who is a lawyer completely baffles me but they are fab. I haven't read the last one yet but intend to get around to it soon. Martha looks fab and so do the squares (I really should start getting a bit more into crochet...) I hope you had a lovely Easter with plenty of chocolate.

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