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March 18, 2007



I haven't found my spring knit yet either so I'm still waiting to be hit by spring fever. Hope you had a nice relaxing Mother's Day!


That´s so often happening to me, just by the blog I notice how the time and the weeks are flying by. And it always makes me a bit nervous when I am not sure about my next knitting, I then try here and there, have too many plans and am very impatient. I am looking forward your plans, your taste is always excellent and I always love to get some inspiration. But for now I hardly can´t wait to see your finished Martha!
Have a lovely, slowly week,
best wishes, Suzi


Ton chat est terrible ! C'éatit donc la fête des mères chez vous ? Je te comprends poru le foot, j'aurais été épuisée aussi, quelle horreur !


Happy Mother's Day! Glad you took time off. :) How does your child who belongs on three teams manage to not fall down from sheer exhaustion? That sounds so incredibly hectic! (Says sedentary me. :) )


Alors si le foot fait de l'ombre au tricot, mais où va le monde !
Et une dentelle en ouvrage de printemps, ce serait sympa non ?


I know they feeling - we seem to spend saturdays running from one game to another! Belated Mothers Day wishes to you....


Across the pond and it is spring baseball that sends me in three directions, with each son in a different league and having different practices and game times. But I need to find some nice spring project to do while I am doing all the waiting! Transportable, easy enough to cheer and watch while doing, but interesting enough to want to finish it. Hmmm...

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