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January 21, 2007



New paint and soon to be new curtains, how exciting! Certainly a renewal for the new year. Hope you have fun with the redecorating! Can't wait to see more progress on Martha once you get a chance. :)


New curtains would fit in perfectly with the latest theme for sewiknit. It's great to get your kitchen ship shape. You have to show it to us when you're done. It will be fun to see where you sit and knit.


Moi qui t'imaginais déjà dans la tempête qui a sévit en angleterre...
Tu nous mettra des photos !?


Not Spring, exactly, but not winter either. At least not here in the South.

Congratulations on all the renewal projects!


Non, non, the srping n'ets pas dans l'air. Il commence à neiger chez moi, et je sais qu'ailleurs, en France, c'est déjà tombé ! Mais que la neige tombe ou que la cuisine se refasse, ça n'empêche pas de tricoter, hein ?


I have recently noticed, that every year at this time I want to change everything. So usually I start to declutter a bit, finish some laid aside knitting, and before I do anything else spring is here and the garden is needing me. But how much more exciting it must be, to paint and have new fabrics and colours and everything. This is really the best start to begin a new year. Now I can´t wait to see your new curtains, just today I also thought about new kitchen curtains and it would be great to get some inspiration!
And I need a lot of elbow room, too.


Carl Larsson always inspires me.

The kitchen is the best place to knit.

Knitting Bandit

Spring? No way. TOday is forecasted to be a negative 15 with the windchill. Brrr... Kitchen knitting is good, especially if you have cookies baking!

gina L

Francoise, What a perfect way to start 2007. Fresh and anew! Sorry you have been tagged. Check my blog for the instructions. (No problem if you don't want to do this)

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