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January 09, 2007



I'm thinking of knitting something from this book next month, so I'll be watching your blog!


l'ennui avec les aiguilles fines, c'est que ça n'avance pas bien vite, mais c'est tellement plus raffiné! J'ai hâte de le voir terminé!


Lovely knitting, as always.


J'ai sursauté en voyant ton Melon Pattern car je viens de recevoir la laine pour le faire dans un coloris très similaire (Dewberry) et je suis ravie de le voir ainsi commencé chez toi, c'est vraiment très beau. Courage pour Martha, elle va être toute belle.


Martha est rouge de plaisir, elle est bien jolie je trouve. Quant à ce Victorian Lace, je vais finir par craquer tellement j'en entends parler et j'en vois de si jolies choses. Une bordure avec des DPNs ? Ca m'intrigue, pourquoi donc des double pointes ?


Your stole looks beautiful and I think it must be beautiful worn on a cool spring or summer evening, very elegante. I am really fallen in love now with those stoles, so lady-like and delicate, your pictures make me want to knit one, too. Although this pattern seems very complicated, but so lovely.
And what a delight it is to see your cheery Martha, especially on such gloomy days. It is in any case on my spring list.
Shall we exchange our experiences in de-cluttering? It is so time comsuming but so reliefing, don´t you think? And what a shame to have collected such an enormeous heap of un-used things during the years. At the moment I am in the mood to have empty rooms at the end.


i haven't tried a knitted on border before either. so maybe we will be able to muddle through it together.

both projects are just looking lovely!


The red martha is so lovely, it looks very soft too. I tried the knitted on border once and it's much easier than you think. I'm sure you'll have no problems.


Wish I could help you on the DPN border, but I'm hopeless with them. The lace is so fragile and beautiful as is. . .


The lace knitting looks beautiful.Decluttering is so good for the soul isn't it. It's wonderful to let go of all that stuff that has been hanging around unloved and give it to a good home.


Entre Martha et cette superbe dentelle, l'année démarre de façon très belle par ici !


I am thinking of starting something from the same book - I may copy you and follow your progress. I am a bit chicken when it comes to the edging. Martha's looking lovely, I have some yarn for one of those somewhere in my stash but I don't think the colour is as nice as yours.


Martha is coming along nicely, and the red looks wonderful. The stole is absolutely gorgeous, it looks so light and airy. DPN's are not too hard to use, just remember to hold them the way that feels comfortable to you.


I love Martha's texture! It makes me want to reach out and give it a sqeeze. :) The lace shawl looks beautiful. I think I need to hunt down a copy of that book for a perusal. Some many beautiful things are popping up from it all of the web! Good luck with the decluttering! It's so nice after it's all done but oh what a pain it is during the process!

Marie N.

Thank you for showing the Victorian Lake book! I'll need to check that out from my local library. The lace looks exquisite.

le chat qui coud

aurais tu une minute ou deux pour m'aider à décoder un modèle debbie bliss en anglais? lol pas tout, juste quelques passges clés!



Unfortunately I have tagged you for a weird little meme. see my blog for details. Jenny

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