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December 05, 2006



The weather is dark and dull here today too. The hot pink yarn looks just the thing to bring in some colour and light.

Marie N.

The stitch pattern looks great in the hot pink color. Happy knitting!


La mer déchainée, ça c'est un spectacle dont je ne me lasse pas !
Tricoter le printemps à l'entrée de l'hiver, c'est une excellente chose pour chasser la grisaille. Je vais sûrement suivre ton idée.


Très joli ce point. La mer démontée, je n'ai pas ça chez moi, car j'ai plutôt des montagnes, mais pas de pluie de toute façon, il fait toujours désespérément beau !


Glad you found something so pretty to knit. The colour on my screen is a sophisticated hot pink, and it has to be a good feeling to be knitting up stash yarn.


Sounds like the perfect weather to stay inside and knit something cheery! I can't wait to see your Martha worked up. I've had the yarn to knit Martha for half a year now but I'm still debating whether to do the beaded version or the one without...

Knitting Bandit

Cool stitch pattern. The color I see is gorgeous, more of a rasberry than the hot pink some others show. Have fun!


It looks lovely. I think it is a good idea to go with your creative urges. The yarn looks soft and cosy.


Lovely pattern, perfect to cheer you up in the cold weather.


I think that sounds like the ideal pattern to bring a bit of fun and light into these dreary winter days. I am knitting in beige and navy at the moment, and I think I too need an injection of colour.


Oh, Martha is on my list, too, and I love so much to watch you knitting it before me and say how you like it and all those things. It is such a lovely cardi and if I wouldn´t have to finish one scarf before Christmas, you are quite right, it´s a great time to start spring clothes and wear it on the first, sunny day. It is so much better to knit what you are loving to knit than to knit what is 'proper' for the season.


What a wonderful phrase, that "the sea is angry." A Spring-ish sweater seems the perfect answer to that rage. Enjoy your foray into color. . .


Les belles couleurs bien chaudes sont de mises avec ce temps détestable. Je comprends que tu aies craqué pour Martha, c'est un très joli modèle et en laine, il est finalement parfait pour un tricot d'hiver.

gina L

I hope the sweater brings a sunny smile to your face next spring! Good idea to plan ahead.


Martha is on my UFO list! Maybe this will encourage me to start knitting it again. Love the angry sea picture, it looks very wintry and cold!


Martha will be just perfect in that lovely hot pink when spring rolls around. Great photo of the waves - its years since I have been to the IOW - maybe next time I am home I shall take the ferry over for a day trip.


A wonderful choice of project. That cardigan is a classic!

We're suffering terrible winds today. Ugh. I hate going out when it's like that. Are you getting those winds where you are?


I love that cardigan and plan to knit it one day. I really like knitting in 4 ply yarns, really depends on the pattern and color too. Tiny needles with tiny yarn always makes really nice knitting. I think it is the right color choice for you too, since your weather sounds downright miserable.


Martha will be beautiful in red.


la mer démontée... bien au chaud avec une tasse de liquide bouillant à la main, j'adore!


Beautiful photograph of the sea!

And Martha is lovely - I'm sure she will be beautiful in red!

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