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December 15, 2006



That is SO true. . . We know it's on the way, and we still panic.

Hope you find that tree!

Knitting Bandit

Did you check under the bed? That seems like a place a tree might hide. I find a lot of lost stuff in my car. Check there.


It's the custom to panic :) Won't be same without it. I usually panic all the way up to Christmas eve, then I just give up because by then, it's too late! At least the shops here don't close at Christmas, they have post-Christmas sales instead. But they do close for Chinese New Year :)


I agree, we need the adrenalin rush that comes with the panic for it to really be Christmas.


I'm staying calm, with presents for 4 people (and all 'major' gifts) to buy. I'll be off to Stash all day today, sod shopping! I'm hoping to get the tree and food next weekend - at least we're spending the 2 day holiday on our own!


Moi, j'aime bien être speedée, je ne fonctionne que comme ça..., donc ça ne me gêne pas ! J'espère que tu as retrouvé ton sapin, parce qu'un Noël sans sapin, ce serait un peu gros quand-même !


There's always something forgotten - too many things to remember. We have the tree and (most)of the presents done. Now I'm starting to think about food - and trying not to panic!

gina L

Hello Francoise,
Yes, I know that panic! I just ordered my Christmas photo cards today and I needed to get overnight shipping which costs a large fortune. It's time to do the inventory and check my list .
There are only a few days left to order online.
Merry Merry!


I exactly know what you are meaning, and every year happens the same. I make lists for everything, for shopping, cooking, and now even for every day of this last week. And today I realised that I did not one single thing from this list since last saturday, but now, instead of being paniced like I was last week, I am now thinking it will be all allright then, like it was every year. My dreams of a perfect Christmas will not be fulfilled this year again, but it will be nice anyway. So it so true what you´ve said, and in the end it´s just a long relaxing weekend.

le chat qui coud

lol very funny!


Those chicken expressions are exactly the one on my deep inner self right now. Outside-wise, I'm still in denial about Christmas being around the corner. :P
Hope you found the tree and all the trimmings!

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