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November 13, 2006



This looks gorgeous right now. I hadn´t remembered that Aelf has a V-neck. I especially like the lace border, very lovely and the yarn is looking so soft. And while looking at Aelf in the magazine I have to say that your colour is such a brilliant alteration, more vibrant and a beautiful addition to this design.
You are quite right not to plan knittings for Christmas presents, it is too exhausting and too much stress, Time is running and I am longing for knitting slowly something for myself. Maybe soon I quit and start a long, relaxing but expensive shopping tour.


I'm not knitting for Christmas but I am doing some sewing. That is not so stressful as it is much quicker.
You knit so many beautiful garments. Do you have enough to wear a different one each day?


I always feel compelled to make gifts for Christmas but inevitablty, the deadline flies right by me and I never finish on time. :P Fortunately, the gifts I'm knitting this year have a vague sometime by the end of the year or Early next year deadline. :)
Aelf is looking wonderful. I really like the lacy border.


Not me either (christmas knitting that is) - I have good intentions but I find they never make it into reality somehow. I am loving the look of Aelf - will you please model it on (chopping your head off for privacy of course). I really want to see this design on a real person. I love the colour you are knitting it in, it is fabulous and a much better choice than the one in the book.


i'm not knitting for christmas mostly because i am a selfish b*tch and also because i hate knitting for non-knitters. i just don't think they appreciate the hours or work that went into the product.


I'm not knitting or sewing any Christmas gifts this year too. And so I will just relax and enjoy knitting without any deadlines. Love the red colour you have chosen for Aelf, it looks like you will be finished very soon.


It's lovely. I can't wait to finish this gift knitting and get back to proper knitting!


Gorgeous, and just the right color for Christmas too. I only manage a few small things for presents, just seems that time flies right by too fast.


Eh bien il prend tournure ce Aelf. J'aime beaucoup sa couleur. Donc bientôt, tu t'attaques aux cadeaux de Noël ? Tu sais que j'ai fini l'an passé un truc le 24 vers 8 heures du soir, j'ai cru que je n'y arriverai jamais ! On doit toutes en êrte au même point...


Wow, that was fast! Aelf is looking really gorgeous - can't wait to see it finished.


I am keen to see what it looks like on. It's one of those patterns that I think that I like but I am not quite sure. I do love the colour that you have chosen though, it's really lovely. Good for you not doing any Xmas knitting. I am doing a bit but most of it was requested and I owe a few people a bit of a special favour.

gina L

No Christmas gift knitting for me! There is too much stress involved. I'll be lucky to get my shopping done in time no less knitting a gift. Your sweater has lovely detail.


What a lovely sweater!
I found your Blog today and am enjoying it very much :)


Aelf va être superbe. j'ai hâte de voir les finitions.
Bon WE


I'm with you! I may make a hat for a friend, but other than that, nothing! It all seems to sneek up on me too. Your sweater looks beautiful, great color!


Good for you. I'm with you on that, the only person who gets knitted gifts this year is the bean.

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