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November 05, 2006



I love Larsson's paintings of domestic scenes...I always wish I can dive right into them. :)
I'm looking forward to seeing Aelf!


I can imagine the changing light and the cold, which I love. I used to trek back from class in the dark because the lectures for postgrad students were late. I wish I was back in London :) By the way, I just got my Marie Claire Idees and I love this issue! The fairisle and the bags galore.


I agree with you that this tme of year is the best. I love the Autumn and the build up to Christnas. Look forward to seeing the finished knit. Lovely picture.


J'ai souvent le même problème avec les manches.. Elles semblent rallonger toutes seules en cours de tricot ! Et je trouve ça particulièirement énervant. On a un temps magnifique, mais le matin, il gèle. Pas encore de neige comme chez Lene, mais ça ne va sûrement pas tarder !


I too love this time of year. It is slow coming and very quick to leave here where I live, but I savor these few short months. It really is time for knitting, snuggling down and with family all around. Thank you for the link to Dances With Wool. What a gorgeous sweater.


Beautiful picture ofcourse. I love it when winter starts to close in but then our winters are shorter and less severe. Sleeves ...they just go on and on.


Quelle tentatrice tu fais de nous mettre un lien vers cette magnifique Katrina... Mais la prochaine fois on veut voir Aelf !


It´s the same with me, I am really longing for all those cold winter days with no need to go outside and do some work in the garden, enough time to stay inside - warm and cozy, a pot of hot chocolate, a nice old movie on TV and my knitting - this is heaven for me. Winter is indeed the best season for knitters.
Can´t wait to see your finished Aelf, I am sure it will be gorgeous. And many thanks for the great link to Lene, this is such a nice blog. And Katariina is beautiful, I especially love the embroidery.

le chat qui coud


comment ça va?

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