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November 30, 2006



Oh, the Victorian Lace book looks beautiful.


you have to buy victorian lace today. mine just arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous


J'ai le même problème ! Là, en ce moment, je cvoudrais faire un châle, et j'ai beau penser, feuilleter, repenser et refeuilleter, aucune émotion ! Dans ces cas-là, je laisse faire : le cerveau continue à travailler sans qu'on s'en rende compte, et un jour, au réveil, tu as la solution. Mais faudrait ue mon cerveau se dépêche un peu, Noël est bientôt là !

Marie N.

I took that fateful step of clicking on the link to Victorial Lace Today. Next stop will be my local library's website to see if I can order it.
Thanks for the tip!


I agree! It's a wonderful book, lots of pattern and very good value. I don't think you'll be able to resist not knitting anything until your book arrives at Christmas though!


Victorian Lace is on the top of my Christmas list - I keep going to the bookstore to take a quick peek. It is a gorgeous book. I am really enjoying knitting small items right now - I have made a beanie hat for son #2 and am making myself a new scarf at the moment. I am tempted tho by Betty - per Posh Yarns blog and am also eagerly awaiting Anna Bells long line cardi pattern.

Knitting Bandit

I can relate. Last night I spent hours, it semed, pouring over websites, magazines and books trying to find a sock pattern for a particular yarn. I decided I needed to go out immediately this morning and find another Nancy Bush sock book and maybe some different yarn. I am so proud to say I stopped myslef! (Only because the yarn store hadn't opened yet :))


I'm always coveting Jane's Jellybean cushions...the latest one is so beautiful. Love the bright yellow with the purple...ah, if only I could splurge on so much angora! :)


I'm knitting small projects now too because I can't decide which sweater to cast on next. I am going to wait until I have knitted the lace patterns that I have in the queue before I buy that lovely VL book :) I'm always knitting patterns many seasons later than everyone else!


The Victorian Lace book arrived on my doorstep last week and I am waiting to head off to Liberty tomorrow to go and choose some yarn to practice with. It's gorgeous!

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