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November 22, 2006



this red sweater is gorgeous! i love the big collar, makes this a one of a kind knit. enjoy wearing it this winter!!


Aelf is so great...and the big collar makes me speechless....Rowan Kid Classic is one of my favorite yarn.So I will try to knit aelf,too


It's lovely. I've only used Kid Classic for scarves, but this looks great (especially the collar!)


Cette encolure en "V" et ce grand col ont un charme fou. Et la kid classic est si belle tu dois être bien dedans.


The collar is very unique, and the sweater looks great. You're really cranking out lovely winter knitwear!


Oh, it looks fantastic, very Elven!! I am in awe!!! The lacy hem and the cute collar: wow!!!


What a perfect Christmas sweater. It looks wonderful on you, though I worry your chest will get cold in the Northern winter.


Superbe, elle te va à ravir !


The collar is so fun! What a beautiful end product! :)

sandra in Belgium

je suis également une fan inconditionnelle de la kid classic :)!
ton Aelf est tout simplement magnifique, bravo!


Magnifique ! Ton Aelf est une merveille. Bravo Françoise.


you look fantastic francoise. you're right ... kid classic is a dream to knit with.


Oh, she turned out lovely! I really like the big collar, and I have heard wonderful things about Kid Classic ;)


Ah que c'est beau ! J'aime beaucoup le col, il est très original. Et puis la pose, le mannequin présente très bien, tu le mets bien en valeur (tu as un port de danseuse ?) Félicitations !


Je souscrit aussi complètement à la beauté et à la qualité de la Kid Classic qui fait des merveilles. Ce coloris est superbe et Aelf te va vraiment à ravir. Beau travail, vraiment.


It's beautiful! I love the collar and the lace edging. It must make you happy to wear!


I think that looks really lovely, and what a beautiful colour you have chosen. It is simple enough to get a lot of wear from, but also has interesting details. I'm also a big Kid Classic fan :-)


I love your cardigan. It looks fantastic and the collar looks really good. I love kntting a bit of quirkiness into the classics.


Oh Francoise, your Aelf is gorgeous! You look fantastic in it and I love the colour, the collar, the whole style. When I saw Aelf in the magazine I wasn´t very thrilled by it, I thought that the collar would not be for every day wear. But now I have to revise my opinion, it looks fantastic and I like the way you wear Aelf with your jeans, looks so "Ohlala!" and brightens up the most casual wear. It´s so feminin and extravagant, with the certain smile. I love it!


What a beautifully knit cardigan, and I love the gorgeous red color. I am so glad that you finished it before Christmas.


It looks gorgeous and love the red on ya! Must really get my hands on Rowan #40 soon, what an inspiring knit!

gina L

Red is the color for the season! It looks smashing!


Beautiful and such a great color too!!!


Oh Francoise what a fabulous sweater - and so much better than the one modeled in the book. Thank you so much for taking a photo of you wearing it - it really suits you, and made in the colour red is just so seasonal and yet stylish. Enjoy wearing it -

Old Knitter

The edging on this sweater is wonderful....the color....good choice!


Wow, that's really beautiful - well done, Francoise! I love the lace edging and the big collar.

le chat qui coud

tu es vraiment la déesse du tricot!!!!
mais je REVE de faire des pull comme ça moi!!!! looool

extra, bravo, génial, magnifique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looks beautiful! I have Rowan Kid Classic on my embarrassingly long "must buy" list for after Christmas. I'm glad to see you enjoyed working with it.

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