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October 18, 2006



Oh that cardigan looks so beautiful and dreamy. What a wonderful knit. I also like the red color you are using for your next knit, so vibrant and nice.


Oh, it looks like a soft whisper - both the yarn, the lace and the colour. Nice photo of it in the garden too. You're going to look so elegant when you wear it for a special night out. Makes me want to knit with ksh even if it will kill me with heatstroke wearing it here :) And I have been hankering to knit something red lately.


It looks beautiful, so soft and feminine and elegant!!! I NEVER knit anything to the pattern!! I am a terror for that!!


oh wow! how gorgeous is Valenciennes. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with kidsilk haze. love the way it looks, hate knitting with it. maybe i will just have to overcome this afflication after seeing your wonderful cardigan.


Félicitation ! Voilà donc Valenciennes ! Il est vraiment superbe dans cette couleur. Tout ça ma rapelle que j'en ai un deuxième sur les aiguilles...à finir...


Valenciennes is exactly what I would wear in my perfect world while I float around the house with perfect coordination and never run into anything to snag it on. :) It is an absolutely magnificent sweater. What a wonderful job you did!
I really like Aelf. The pointed collar pieces are so whimsical! Looking forward to seeing yours grow. :)


It is so beautiful... I love it. You have every reason to be completely proud of yourself.


Quel beau travail de dentelle ce Valenciennes ! Bravo ! Je n'ai tricoté que 2 fois la KSH, mais toujours en point dentelle. En jersey, je suppose qu'il faut un très grand courage ! Quelle transparence, il est très élégant ton cardigan. Quant à la suite, ce rouge me paraît très somptueux, j'attends d'en voir plus !


Ton Valenciennes est de toute beauté et fait rêver la tricoteuse que je suis. Cette KsH est vraiment une beauté. Et j'en dirais autant de la Kid Classic, surtout dans ce superbe rouge. Bon tricot !


It's beautiful - great work. The Kid Classic will definitely knit up quickly after working with KSH!

le chat qui coud

il est divin!!!!!! chic chic chic!!!!!


Waouh, il est magnifique, j'adOOOOre !


How absolutely romantic that sweater is. You've done a great job, silkhaze can be tricky. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.


Oh mais qu'il est beau ton Valenciennes, et je craque complètement pour sa couleur ! Je suis d'accord avec toi, une version avec perles serait certainement de toute beauté...


What a gorgeous cardigan, Françoise! Truly beautiful. If I were able to make such a beautiful cardigan, I'd be wearing it all the time :)


absolutely stunning!!! please model it!


Superbe réalisation. J'aime beaucoup ce modèle valenciennes de chez Elle Tricote mais la présence de la dentelle me gêne pour la non-experte que je suis... Superbe réalisation!


Superbe réalisation. J'aime beaucoup ce modèle valenciennes de chez Elle Tricote mais la présence de la dentelle me gêne pour la non-experte que je suis...


What a gorgeous cardigan and so beautifully knitted. I love the colour majestic too - such a suble mauvy/grey it goes with everything. Enjoy half term - hope the weather holds for you.


very, very lovely cardigan. I've not tried ksh for anything other than lacy shawls. Have you considered the enchanted lace jacket by k1c2 (I think) - the ksh is a good substitute.


Just lovely! I too love the kid silk haze. I am making the Birch shawl with it and I would love to make a sweater too.

gina L

The Kid Haze looks so light and lovely! Great work I hope you enjoy wearing it.


Valencienne is beautiful! It´s an absolutly gorgeous cardigan, so airy and light, seems that it feels like a feather, so fluffy and light and snuggly. And so elegant. It´s a wonderful little jacket to be worn with a silk dress, such a feminin feeling. I really envy you, but with your encouragment by saying you like to knit with Kid Silk Haze, I hope that one day I will manage to use it, too, although I don´t own silk dresses (by now). I hope and wish you will have many many wonderful moments while wearing it.
And I like the colour of your Aelf, it is such a nice coincidence, that in my mind is also a plan to knit a red cardi (Lisette), but I can´t and won´t afford to buy new yarn again, so I love to see your red Aelf growing. (And I am still fascinated by your Valencienne)


Wow, Francoise, you did a beautiful job on your Valenciennes. A perfect color for a floaty, dreamy pattern. And I love the pattern you've chosen from the new Rowan - so pretty! Looking forward to seeing some of you progress on that one.

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