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October 02, 2006



What a beautiful picture... Looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan! :)


Déjà fini ? Tu es allée très vite je trouve ! En panne pour 6 rgs, c'est plus que rageant, surtout vu le prix du fil. Ne pouvais-tu essayer via ton blog de trouver un reste de pelote chez les blogueuses ? Du même bain si possible ? Je suggère, je suggère... mais si j'ai des KSH, je n'ai pas ce coloris en particulier ! Tu as des châles heureux, toi ? Savais pas qu'ils pouvaient avoir des sentiments !


I hope the dye lot matches,though with only 6 rows it might not show. Can't wait to see it.


What a nuisance when you were so close to the end.


The picture is so warm and lovely! It's so unfortunate that you ran out of yarn! I hope the new ball is a close match and you get to finish up your beautiful cardigan.


A little delay, but I'm sure it will turn out great. And now your shawl gets a bit of knitting time too.


So close yet so far... Try not to get too disheartened, before too long you will be posting a photo of yourself enjoying your beautiful cardigan.


This is such a great picture, very charming. I always buy much to much yarn, to prevent me running out of it. And I can imagine your frustration by being forced to give your cardi a rest that short before finishing. On the other side if it´s cold in England as it is here, a shawl would be very comfortable now for a long, refreshing sunday-afternoon-walk.
Can´t wait to see pictures of both things finished,
have a lovely weekend,


C'est bien rageant ça ! J'espère que tu pourras te faire un réassort rapidement pour nous montrer ta merveille.


6 rows !?! - oh no how frustrating. I don't think my photo would have been anywhere near as calm and peaceful looking as yours if that were me! Love the jug with the needles. It looks so "English" like that to me - and makes me quite homesick.

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