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September 24, 2006



I don't think there's a right or wrong in the way people knit... just do it in whatever way that's comfortable :) Fair-isle is always tricky, no matter which way you knit and the easiest method is probably going continental, which is something I can't seem to get right.


Knitting is a very individual things, as long as you are happy, your knitting style is fine!! What a beautiful piece of knitting in the photo!! We all have bizarre knitting fancies and hates!! I love socks, I have tried picture knitting(not a favourite, but OK!!) and I plan to try a knitted bag soon: you've inspired me!!!!


I agree with everyone else. There's no wrong way to knit! :) I hope you have fun with fair-isle! I'm going to try it one of these days too. As far as I hear, everyone has problems with tension and eveness on the first start so...
Your sweater is looking beautiful and delightfully delicate!

gina L.

You knit beautiful sweaters that fit you and that is a huge accomplishment in my book. Off topic but this illustration has confirmed that I want to get liposuction on my chin!


i don't like to knit in public either, not because of the way i knit, i feel that knitting is a private hobby. that's just me. love your lace! it's going to be gorgeous!


Comme elle est jolie cette douceur en mohair sur la photo !


Tu ne devrais pas t'inquiéter autant pour le Fair Isle. L'important, c'est que tu arrives à tricoter tes mailles, après tu t'arranges à ta sauce avec les deux laines, peu importe la façon de tenir fils et aiguilles. Crois-moi, nous sommes toutes un peu dans ton cas.


Je tricote en lâchant mon aiguille, j'assume parfaitement ! Le jacquard ou le FI, tu y arriveras sans problème, il suffit de t'y mettre et ça roulera tout seul ! Les chaussettes, je suis comme toi, ce n'est pas pour moi ! Ton oeuvre en dentelle est magnifique ! Si après ça tu n'es pas capable de faire du jacquard...


Valenciennes is looking really beautiful - can't wait to see it done! As for knitting the "correct" way, I had issues with this last year when some readers pointed out I was twisting some of my stitches. I'm definitely much happier now that I've sorted it out - but your "problem" sounds much more benign than mine. You do lovely work, so really, does it matter how you hold the needles?


I was rather conscious the first time I knit in public too. But I have not come across a single soul who criticised the way I knit. Children find it interesting and will stop to look and some will ask me what I'm doing.
Your ksh sweater looks lovely!
And I'm still trying to understand why the lady in the cute picture has a peg on her nose.


Your cardi is beautiful and I love that soft colour.
I like how you wrote about your 'incorrect' way to knit, I by myself hold my needles very peculiar and don´t knit in public, too, so it´s good to hear that not everyone is knitting like shown at the pictures in knitting books. And the results of your incorrect knittings are always beautiful, so the way you are holding your needles doesn´t count. I think that the continental way of holding the yarns with the left hand only is easier for fair-isles, than one thread left and the other right, though I never managed to knit a real fair-isles thing and I am continental. Do you know those rings for the finger to hold and separate the different yarns? Maybe that works.


My mother taught me how to knit, with the right needle tucked under my arm. That's how she was taught in her small Italian village. I am a little self-concious about knitting in public for this reason. I enjoy knitting at home and in my craft group.


This is a big thing for me too. I was taught to knit as a child by my late Mum. She was a perfectionist and an excellent knitter and dressmaker but with little patience. Itwas not until recent years that I realised that I did not hold the needles correctly. I have tried to change but cannot. I will always knit this way and do not have a problem with tension or neatness. I am glad that there are other knitters out there who do not conform to what is "normal". Good luck with the Fair Isle. I have done it and so will you.


Valenciennes looks so beautiful.I like this soft color.
In Switzerland we learn to knit at school.I enjoy knitting at home .

le chat qui coud

mais où trouves tu ces jolis dessins???


Je ne parle pas Anglais mais je vois que cette bordure de Valenciennes est superbe!
à bientôt! Millaine.


Your cardigan looks beautiful, such a soft colour.It is quite interesting to try different styles of knitting. I experimented some years ago with different ways of holding the needles etc,just to see how it felt and if it changed my knitting tension and speed. I occasionally use the other techniques for variety but ofcourse you have to use the same technique for the whole project.


But you knit such amazing things! So beautiful and intricate! You are clearly knitting the right way ;) I knit differently from other people as well, but we make it work! THere is no "right" way! I love your work, Francoise ;)


Il n'y a pas de bonne ou de mauvaise façon de tricoter, il y a celle qui nous convient !
La bordure de Valenciennes est superbe !


Hi, I saw you had some patterns for sale or trade, i am interested in one but don't know
how to contact you.



Now I am getting older I worry less and less what others think of me. You knit and sew such beautiful things I can't imagine anyone even thinking how odd you may or may not knit/hold your needles etc. Knit on as EZ says - Love the picture you have found for this post - that nose really just says it all doesn't it!!


Moi aussi j'ai une technique très... personnelle (je lâche l'aiguille droite à chaque maille pour enrouler le fil). C'est pas grave, ce que tu fais est déjà superbe!


Hey! I wouldn't be appalled. It doesn't matter how you knit, as long as the knitting successfully comes off the needles. As for the fair isle, maybe you could try something small, like a hat with a small band of jacquard?


I'd willingly knit 'the wrong way' if I got to turn out so many pretty things as you do!


Mais c'est quoi ma Françoise cette crise tricotilesque ?! La seule bonne façon de tricoter c'est d'y prendre du plaisir. Et à voir ton Valenciennes, pas de souci sur ton aptitude à faire des belles choses !

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