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September 04, 2006



Oh Francoise that looks like heaven. We just got back from a vacation as well. We spent the week in the mountains in Colorado, it was lovely. Now we're back in New York suffering from the tail end of hurricane Ernesto up from Florida. It's cold and rainy no way to end the summer.


Great to hear from you. What beautiful weather you had. I've just returned from two days in Sydney where the weather was about 10-12 deg C warmer than in Melbourne! I am happy to be with the kids but the weather leaves a lot to be desired.


Ravie de ton retour. J'imagine que le choc doit être grand entre le soleil du sud et la grisaille anglaise... Mais courage, la routine ça a du bon parfois ! Et puis tu vas retrouver le chemin de tes aiguilles.


Voilà une photo qui faire rêver.
Bonne rentrée aux enfants !


Le beau bougainvillée que voilà ! Avec le bleu des balcons et des volets, on se sent vraiment en vacances. Dommage que le ciel que tu voies de ta fenêtre aujourd'hui ne resmble pas à celui de la photo... Allez, juste une question de quelques jours d'adaptation et tout se remettra en place. Bonne rentrée !


Welcome back! I hope the weather improves so that you don't forget too quickly of the beautiful colors of Greece. I love the photo!
Good luck with all the back-to-school hecticness!


The blue is so vibrant against white, and Bougainvilleas grow in abundance here too. Welcome back!


wonderful colours! You're being very sensible, working just on your shawl and giving some thought to the next project. You have lots of choice! New books, new yarns, new season!


Ce bleu est splendide !


As much as it had to pain you to leave those magnificent sights, we are glad you have you back among us.


It is lovely to see you back, F!


Hi Francoise, I found your blog through Lulu Belle Knits and I have really enjoyed looking back through your posts. I see you are also a fan of Carl Larssen. His paintings of family life are wonderful aren't they.


Hi Francoise, je suis très heureuse,que tu est rentre.C'est une photo qui faire rever


Welcome home - glad to hear that you had an enjoyable holiday.

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