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August 01, 2006



The new fall magazines are so full of pretty designs. I have one ball of misti alpaca earmarked for the pointy edged lace shawl. Do show us your shawl in progress.


Que de tentations par ici. Tes projets sont tous bien intéressants. Tu commences par lequel ?


Dommage qu'on ait pas plus de mains ! LOL


This cardi is beautiful, I´ve seen the picture of it before and thought about buying the magazine just for this design. Have you already seen the preview of the new Classic magazines at www.colourway.co.uk ? I have to have them, so much beautiful items! The weather here is very cold and grey, so a good day to think about new knittings. And you are so right, the Intarsia Jumper is very pretty, also tooo difficulty for me, too. (I especially like the little top with the roses - very nice)
I am so much looking forward to see the first pictures of your Jaeger-cardi,
have a nice day,


L'été même pas terminé que déjà on est tenté par les jolis modèles de la rentrée... Moi je dis : c'est pas humain !


J'aime en tout premier le châle Swallow tail, superbe. je vais aller vérifier si ce n'est pas encore Mrs Clark qui en est l'auteur, car les pointes me fpont furieusement penser à elle ! Ton encours juste casted-on est magnifique. Tu le fais aussi dans cette couleur ? J'adore l'automne et attends son retour avec impatience...


What a lovely selection of patterns... which one will you knit first?


C'est marrant, je viens de m'acheter du Roma pour me faire le meme cardigan (dans le meme coloris que le modele). La forme me plait particulierement. Quant au magazine Rowan, on a decidement ete gates cette fois-ci.


Thank you for your comment Francoise - we've had a lovely few days in the Lake District, even despite the rain!

And I love your new project - what a pretty pattern! Can't wait to see how it progresses.

Re. the Rowan fall mag, I was determined not to buy it because I have so many knitting magazines and patterns lying around here which I have never knitted anything from, but it does look sooooo tempting. Argh! ;-)


le chat qui coud

great.... do you really plain to knit all this???? Wow!


Glad to hear the weather has cooled down... and I love some of those fall knits. I need to be strong and not give into temptation - since we don't really have a winter here, it's just not practical for me to keep buying the fall Rowan! But I love that scoopneck lacy sweater. Sigh.


All of my autumn magazines are (hopefully) piling up at the stashflat, hope I'm not too distracted by the new designs. I've bought the alpaca yarn for the shoulder shawl already!


The Rowan sweaters are amazing! I can't wait to get ahold of the issue. I just bought the fall IK and have been drooling over their patterns as well. The shawl is definitely on my to-knit list.
I can't wait to see your Jaeger sweater. It looks beautiful!

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