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August 08, 2006



Very lovely! (And I didn't know you could even buy slips anymore. . .) ;)


Pretty, summery dress, the blue checks add a touch of chic, I think :)


Dresses are 'IN'!! Your dress is lovely and looks planned!!! A Spring catalogue arrived yesterday and it is full of dresses, wrap around dresses!! I love them...all I need is a pattern!!


Your dress is so beautiful. And the blue checks makes it very chic.


And the result is so fabulous!


Mais réussie !
La petite touche bleue lui va bien


It looks lovely, you'd never know that you'd had a few run-ins along the way. I think the extra strip improves the dress. All you need now is a matching shrug or shoulder shawl!


Mais elle est vraiment très jolie ta robe, et je trouve que la touche bleue lui réussit particulièrement et que le détail de la fleur est très raffiné !


So pretty! The gingham at the bottom makes it look cuter :)


hi francoise, the dress is lovely!! so cute.


It's so lovely! I love the blue hem and the flower detail. Bravo!


browsing through your website.. lovely dress...i love the detail of the flower and the gingham strip at the bottom...
i am myself an ex-brit now living in british columbia...(canada).. i'll come back for sure.... take care


Very pretty dress. White is a good colour, and the blue check adds some nautical casualness to the overall look. Dawn suggested a shawl, I would just casually pop a navy blue sweater of the shoulders.


You are fantastic, your dress looks so beautiful and is a real lovely summer dress. And if you wouldn´t have said it, I would never have thought that the blue fabric was not intended first, it is matching so well (especially with the flower pin) and blue and white are really summery, aren´t they? So sometimes a "mistake" can make a much more better result. Congratulations - très chic! And fabulous for your holidays.


Très mignonne cette petite robe d'été. je trouve qu'en couture, c'est enore plus difficile de rattraper ses erreurs qu'en tricot. Tu t'en es très bien sortie, et j'espère que le soleil continuera de briller pour que tu puisses la porter encore longtemps.


happy mistake, i love the blue checks!


Aussi douée en couture qu'en tricot ! Bravo Françoise, ta robe est ravissante.


Je suis comme toi : je me lance d'abord, et je lis (éventuellement) les instructions s'il y a un problème (et il y en a TOUJOURS). Mais bravo : tu t'en es sortie magnifiquement! Quel plaisir ce doit être de porter TON oeuvre, non?

Gina L.

You did a fine job with fixing a glitch and you added some interest at the same time. Good things sometimes come by accident. You were lucky to find a slip that worked so well. I need to find one like that.


Despite all the difficulties that you've had with the dress it looks beautiful. I really like the look you have achieved with the two different fabrics!

le chat qui coud

great of course...........

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