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July 27, 2006



Hello Françoise! Wow, that mohair is gorgeous! And the little tote you got in the BBS is really cute.
I know what you mean about the heat... It's stifling in Paris. But I also know I'll be complaining that Autumn comes too soon! Always too soon... ;)


This has been a long heat wave isn't it? I do remember a few blistering hot days in London which were quite unbearable indoors. I've been thinking of knitting woollen sweaters lately too.


Qu'il est beau ce mohair bleu, il fait rêver à des orages tropicaux. Quel est ton nouveau châle ?


What a lovely summer bag, I like the blue fabric with the roses very much.
And yesterday, I ripped all my unfinished summer knittings, emptied the basket with the cottons and filled in my autumn yarn. It´s so crazy, cause of the heat I can hardly knit one needle to the end, my fingers are always sticky, and I really don´t want the weather be autumny too soon (just a few drops of rain and a cool breeze at the evenings would be nice), though I am dreaming of knitting a soft, woolen cardigan. And I definitely can´t wait to get the new Rowan magazin.

Gina L.

Happy Summer to you Francois! A cool breeze and few clouds would be very nice at the moment. I guess we tend to long for the next season to have something to look forward to, organize thoughts, plan ahead & gather supplies for tribe.


Ah ce bleu et vert ! Quel océan de fraîcheur dans notre fournaise. Bon, enfin le four est un peu éteint, on a eu quelques petits orages, il a plu (1 mm), il fait 19° et demain, youpi, de nouveau 31. Vive l'été ! Somptueux ce mohair, tu vas nous faire un truc "gorgeous" à tous les coups.


I hear you! I'm eager to go to my LYS and check out the Fall pattern books there, but I'm controlling myself and haven't gone. I know that if I do, I'll BUY! I need to be strong and finish up my summer stuff first, because it's moving at a snail's pace.

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