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July 15, 2006



What a lovely quilt and what a lovely story. How wonderful that you can share the story or each patch!!


Positively beautiful. My mother made me a quilt, too, cutting pieces from lots of my old clothes. Like your daughter, I can point to just about any square and remember the exact piece of clothing, special occasions on which I wore it. . .


Yes, it will be nice ! Ma mère qui fait beaucoup de patch m'a fait un dessus de lit il y a 10 ans, et m'en finit un autre en ce moment (Irish eyes). Elle a voulu en faire un à chaqun de ses enfants et petits-enfants pour qu'ils aient un souvenir d'elle (un quilt, ça se garde pendant looooooongtemps!). Le tien est tout joli et les enfants adorent effectivement que chaque bloc soit différent et avec sa propre histoire à raconter.


It's so beautiful! I love how it is like a snap-shot of an age and contains so many stories. I can't wait to see you progress on the new ones for your children this year!


Your daughter's quilt is beautiful - I love the personalized individual blocks and the stories behind each. An excellent gift, and lovely work.


This is so meaningful, a personal story quilt. Hope you decide to do another one and this time, your kids can have some inputs too :)


What a lovely story and what a lovely connection between you and your daughter.


What an amazing quilt and what a beautiful story to go with it! I love the idea of the personalised blocks, and it's sure to become a heirloom. Such lovely work.


Isn't that lovely! I don't sew, so I don't know how feasible two quilts in 5 months is, but they're certainly keepsakes!


This quilt is so great and such a lovely idea to have patches with a meaning. It´s such a wonderful memory-board for your daughter, I am sure she will treasure it her whole life. And it´s not only the story behind every picture, it´s also the knowing that it´s made for her stitch by stitch by her mother. I wish I would have such a quilt and I wish I would have made one.


What a treasure!! Your daughter will love having that her whole life long. Definitely, you should make them for your other children! (Can you do that by Christmas? That seems like a LOT of work!)


Magnifique patch Françoise ! C'est une très très bonne idée de s'y remettre. Normalement pour Noël tu devrais pouvoir le faire, bien que ce genre d'ouvrage demande vraiment beaucoup de patience... Mais ça en vaut largement la peine !


What a beautiful quilt and sentiment behind it. Surely something your daughter will treasure always!


I always enjoy your "knitting" pictures that you often post. Carl Larssen is one of my favorite s. Have you ever come across a knitting shepherdess painting from the mid 1800s that WASN"T painted by Francois Millet? I found it one time on the web, but haven't seen it since I had a blog.


I love the quilt! An Australian design no less! Based on what you have shown us, your sewing skills are very much up to date. So I have absolutely no doubt you can reach your goal.

le chat qui coud

it's a great idee! the result is perfect!

Kristin Nicholas

Such a beautiful quilt - I'm sure your daughter will treasure it forever.


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