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July 11, 2006



All of the new books are soon coming out, so I suggest you stick to small easy projects for the next 3 weeks - this is what I'm doing, I;ve frogged all the new things I've started and am sticking to socks!


Sometimes plodding is all you can do. The speedy days, the days packed with creativity, are just around the corner!


Et pourquoi pas un gros pull islandais à tricoter en 7, hein ? Par ces temps qui courent, sur les genoux, ça fait plaisir... Tu peux même le faire en pourpre si c'est ma couleur de ton mois. Consolation : ça se tricote vite !


Look forward to seeing your dress and bag. Inspiration sometimes strikes when you least expect it :)


C'est vrai que l'été est propice à une douce torpeur des aiguilles... Pour le spectrum de juillet, je cherche aussi !
Bravo à ton petit pour son prix et vive les vacances !


Are you thinking about autumn knittings? That´s what I am doing, although it´s terrible hot outside. So it´s a long way to finish the started summer projects, non of them really interests me much any more, so the rows are getting longer and longer, nothing seems to be finished soon. I think we are in the same mood. I am leafing through my books again, but non of my stash yarn matches, so I can´t wait to get the new autumn magazines. Is this the case with every changing season?
And Congratulations to the prize your son won, I agree completely that you are a very proud mum.
And like Erin I am looking forward to see the dress and the bag, and also to see which new design you have choosen to knit.


Congratulations to your son on winning that prize!

Anne Marie

Depuis le début du BBS, je viens régulièrement te faire une petite visite sans jamais oser laisser de commentaire. Mais je dois avouer que j'aime beaucoup les illustrations que tu insères régulièrement sans oublier tes ouvrages.
Je suis ravie d'apprendre que ta BBS ne t'a pas oubliée. De mon coté, j'ai suivi ton conseil et contacté Sandra.
Vivement que ton sac arrive...
J'oubliais...félicitations pour une si belle fin d'année scolaire


Sometimes plodding along is good. :-) I'm looking forward to seeing the bag and also the dress. Recently I have been more interested in sewing than I have been for quite a few years...

And re. your son - a prize for music! Well done!!


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