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July 20, 2006



Now, of which am I more jealous: the beautiful shawl, or the thought of a cooler summer evening?


wow! this is a gorgeous shawl. the borders are lovely. i'm glad you like zypher's yarn. it is one of my fave laceweight yarns!!


It's beautiful, love it in white. I like the delicate centre lace with the intricate border.


How beautiful! It looks so well with the red dress too. :) Congrats on such a wonderful job! I really like the intricacies of the border. Are you doing the next one in zephyr too?

sandra in Belgium

une pure merveille! bravo, et pour le châle, et pour l'avoir terminé par cette canicule :)!

à bientôt!


It's beautiful! All white looks wonderful. Do you think it could act as a charm to cool down the weather just a touch?


This shawl is so beautiful and it was well-done to stay with one colour, I think a multicoloured border would look a bit strange and not that elegant it looks now. A cooler evening to wear it for the last stroll around the garden before going inside or an evening spent with window-shopping while eating a delicious sundae (that´s what we often do) or a summer night party with good friends - I hope you can enjoy your new shawl very soon and am sure you will wear it with pride and charm.


It's beautiful! It looks better in one colour, and is lovely in this light colour. I have some zehpyr in stash and this might join me on my holidays now!


Francoise, it is beautiful!! I love the light airy nature of it. I have been meaning to pick up some of this Zephyr to try it. I have heard only good reviews.

Such a lovely piece!! Enjoy ;)


BRAVO Françoise, ce châle est une véritable splendeur ! J'espère que le temps va se rafraîchir un peu pour que tu puisses le porter !


Absolument magnifique ! Le blanc fait si bien ressortir les motifs de dentelle. En plus sur une peau bronzée, ça va taper !


It is so beautiful....The color is wonderful...Congratulation. Your are realy an artiste..


Bravo !! il est vraiment splendide !


It's beautiful, congratulations!!


It's so beautiful!! I love the colour,too.


A shawl like that gains from using one colour - well I think so anyway. You want the beauty of the stitch to shine through. Something that doesn't happen so much if you have multi-coloured yarn.


Tu as fait ce modèle ? En cachette ? Gorgeous comme ils disent les américains, splendide, magnifique. Je préfère en monochrome. Bravissimo !


Ton interprétation est superbe en monochrome. J'aime beaucoup les châles de ce bouquin et le tien est particulièrement réussi, bravo c'est beau !


Francoise, it's beautiful! You know, I have yet to make a shawl, but the more I see lovely ones like this, the more I think I really need to...


That's a stunner of a shawl!


Oh wow! That is such a beautiful shawl. Well done you!

Anne Marie

Il est splendide, je suis jalouse...et comme l'a écrit Dorothée... sur une peau bronzée...



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