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July 03, 2006



It's too hot, isn't it? I had a look for Rowan 25 and it's in that inbetween period when I stopped buying Rowan, before I joined the Rowan club.
I've got several things on the needles which are just too hot to knit now. Back to socks!


Hot there, too? With great, sincere empathy, I say, occasionally it's too hot here to even turn the pages of a book! Languishing under a ceiling fan --- that's the extent of my activity some days. ;)


Il est vrai que la chaleur ne donne pas trop envie de tricoter...


We have electric fans and air conditioning to combat extreme heat. Anyway, it's a good chance to catch up on reading and drinking iced tea.


C'est un policier au moins pour avoir des frissons ?! Bonne lecture.


Ugh. I hear you. The only place I want to knit is on the bus where it's air conditioned. It is just TOO HOT right now; I dragged my feet as I walked home this afternoon.


I read in the garden yesterday, legs in the sun head in the shade. I'll look like a zebra crossing if I'm not careful. I've just noticed the spider resting at the bottom of your book too, very apt seeing Darwin has something to do with this story doesn't he?


Chez nous aussi, il fit chaud, très chaud. Vous avez encore des pâquerettes en cette saison ? Bonne lecture !


I hope it cools down soon - I am coming home next week for a month. Yea - I am so looking forward to it. Are you looking for Rowan #25? I might have a spare copy at my Mums. I have several still stored there. No idea which ones but will look and let you know if i do.


Sorry to hear about the hot weather. The book certainly looks delightfully intriguing though...are you enjoying it?


aaahhh the heat. It is something I vaguely remember. It can certainly stop you in your tracks sometimes. I am not looking forward to the 40+ deg celcius days we are sure to get next Summer.

le chat qui coud

it's a long time ago i read a book.....

I wait to the great book who's keep me awake all the night!!! hi hi


Oh yes, I know what you are meaning, it´s too hot here, too. And at some moments even to hold my book is too hot. And it´s so good, that you feel the same, so good that I now don´t have to feel guilty about being so lazy. (Although I recognized your sentence that you´ve finished the front and the back - mhm, must better go and knit also some rows again)

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