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June 15, 2006



Je suis certaine qu'elle va l'adorer ce sac ta Bag Pal. Sinon, moi je l'adopte !


Oh my, it is so wonderful and so fresh! I so wish it were for me :) My favourite colour is blue! But I don't recall mentioning natural colours in my questionnaire (although I do like them), so I'm afraid it's not...
Never mind, I'm sure whoever made a bag for me did a great job!

Oh, it is so pretty and just perfect, Françoise. You are so talented and have great taste! Bravo !
Bisous d'un Paris pluvieux (mais un peu de fraîcheur, ça ne fait pas de mal !)


A great bag - I particularly like the vent!


Very nice!Natural colours with a splash of blue, and the buttons are a nice addition too. You're getting into this sewing lark, aren't you?

le chat qui coud

Great bag!!!!!!!!!


Joli ! Moi, je mettrais bien mes pelotes là-dedans. J'aime beaucoup les fleurs assorties à la doublure, c'est "chic".


Tout aussi réussi que le sac tricoté, bravo :) Je suis certaine que sa destinataire va être comblée!


J'aime beaucoup ce sac avec ses trois jolies fleurs, je vais d'ailleurs aller voir sur le blog de blair comment on fait !


You did such a good job with the bag. Love the neutral colour. Sometimes simple designs are the most difficult to come up with.


pretty and just perfect for me!!!??? lol


It's very nice!


Wow, this bag is incredible nice. And I especially like the pleat (?is this the right word?) at the front. Not to speak of that flowers, they are a great addition to the plain fabric, give her the extra touch I like so much on things, they are so personal. Congratulations, Francoise, you did a wonderful job and I am sure your swap-pal will love it! A gorgeous bag to all summer outfits.


Je suis comblée !!!! tout me plait, la forme, la couleur, la taille, les détails !! Merci infiniment Françoise !


Of course she will love it! It is so cute and can be worn with all sorts of outfits. Very nice work, Francoise :) I love the little incorporation of blue for Project Spectrum too (even if it was not on purpose!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Beautiful Francoise - lovely work. I am sure your recipient will be just thrilled. (I know I would be).


A very clever fix. Your secret pal is very lucky, indeed!


I would love a bag like that. Beautiful work!


That bag looks fantastic. Your recipient is a lucky person!


Il est super-beau!!! Et parfaitement raffiné, comme tout ce que tu fais!


Merci pour le tuyau Liberty of London : c'est un lieu de débauche comme on en voit peu ;-)


très réussi ton sac: bravo et les fleurs sont superbes


What a beautiful bag! I love the flower accents. Wonderful job! (This reminds me...I should finish my own little bag from months ago...)

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