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June 20, 2006



That Glace sounds like it would be lovely and there are so many nice tops in the Rowan mags...


It's sometimes odd for me to read about how the seasons can affect a person's knitting mood because over here, we have perpetual summer. But I do find myself going with the flow as the magazines are season specific. Start both the cotton glace for yourself and the SportLaine for your friend :)


I agree, you can do both! You have time. I feel the need also to stick to smaller projects (not that socks are particularly quick). I've even started looking at lace scarves to start...

le chat qui coud

i had some knitting idee to send to you but impossible : my files is too heavy! I'm very sorry....

Gina L.

Hello Francois,
Have you made the Orangina? I used the Cotton Glace on it. It is a great pattern. Or Wendy at Knit & Tonic has a new sleeveless shell that is very sassy. All the best for your summer days.


Victoria would be lovely for a present, I am sure your best friend will be the most happy woman with this bag - and knitting it in cotton for a cooler touch and feeling for her hands holding the handles now in summer is excellent.
And it´s the same with me and summer and knitting. I had my sock knitting today out with me on the garden bench, but my fingers where too wet and tired to knit more than a few small needles. (Although my feet where deep in a bowl of refreshing, cold water). I am very looking forward seeing which summer knitting you where choosing, I hope your decision is for Victoria, I would like so much to see her again in her summer dress!


I am completely with you. I started Kiri as part of my Rowanette Exchange and am quite seriously regretting it now. It's a winter knit and I am craving 4 ply cotton! A.x


Mais il y a un été en Angleterre parfois ?! Non, je blague.
Pour le tricot, abus d'ouvrages ne saurait nuire !


je trouve que Coton Glacé est un nom qui invite ce fil à se tricoter sous ces températures, non ?


It's been so unseasonably warm here that I keep having an urge to knit with some cotton too. The alpaca shawl is just too warm to hold on to... Can't wait to see your June Project Spectrum!
By the way, I love the Renoir painting! She looks so peaceful and content! :)


I know what you mean, Françoise. I feel much more inspired to sew than to embroider when it's hot. I feel lazier and it's more rewarding to sew up something in a jiffy, than to spend long hours knitting/sewing!

The Victoria bag would make such a wonderful gift!

I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but I so love the pictures you choose to illustrate each post!
Passe un bon week-end, Françoise ! Finalement tu n'étais pas ma Bag Swappeuse, bien que ta partenaire aime le bleu autant que moi... Mais j'ai reçu un sac tout aussi merveilleux que celui que tu as fait. Cet échange est magique !

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